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Gluten-Free Made Simple
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Gluten Free Foods
Simple and easy gluten free recipes the whole family can enjoy!
Whether you are just starting to discover foods that help you live a Gluten-Free lifestyle or you are looking for easy delicious
additions to your current meal plan, you’ll find everything you need in our book—Gluten-Free Made Simple.
Gluten-Free Cook Book

Gluten-Free Made Simple

Finally! An gluten-free cook book that uses easy to-find and inexpensive ingredients to make absolutely delicious recipes that everyone in your family will love!

Welcome to our web site—we are so excited to share our cook book with you—these are easy gluten free recipes that really work! We wrote this book for real people who need or want to eat gluten-free. We’ll be here to offer you recipes, lifestyle advice, and more—from an experienced author (Carol), a nutrition specialist and teacher of gluten-free classes (Elizabeth), and a wife and mother with celiac disease that knows first hand how to live a gluten-free lifestyle (Marcia). We can’t wait for you to join us on this gluten-free journey!

Carol Field Dahlstrom
Elizabeth Dahlstrom Burnley
Marcia Schultz Dahlstrom

Suggested retail: United States: $24.99, Canada $28.99
216 pages,
Full-color photos,
Trade Paper/French Flap
ISBN-13: 978-0312550660, Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin

Here’s what people are saying about Gluten-Free Made Simple:
“I decided to eat gluten-free because I just felt better---but I missed the cookies and cakes so much! The double chocolate cookies in this book are amazing and the birthday cake---well, it just makes me smile when I eat it!”
---Erin B., age 27
“My family is a busy and active family, and two of the four of us are celiac. Now we have easy-to-make recipes like veggie pizza and chicken nuggets. Everyone eats the same meals now and everyone loves them!”
---Melinda G., age 49
“My husband just found out that he has celiac disease---he is 62. I have been scrambling to find some recipes that I can make that he will eat. Gluten-Free Made Simple saved the day! He loves the meals I am making him and the transition to gluten-free has been easier than I thought.”
---Betty T.


Whether you are just starting to discover foods that help you live a Gluten-
Free lifestyle or you are looking for easy and delicious gluten free recipes your whole family
can enjoy, you’ll find everything you need in Gluten-Free Made Simple!
We just made gluten free cooking easy for the whole family!
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While all the information in this book has been tested and checked and every attempt made to be sure that every recipe
is accurate and gluten-free, human error can occur. Carol Field Dahlstrom Inc., cannot be held responsible
for any loss or injury associated with the making of any recipe in this book.

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